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ENG1101- September 11 Clause- Subject+Verb -Main Clause- Stand Alone -Sub. Clause -Phrase Exercise 1 1. After Leaving the Theatre and catching a Cab - Phrase 2. We walked and talked together for hours, finally we headed home -Walked and Talked is the verb, -We is the subject -Headed verb 3. On Sunday (P) vihey Phone shis mother 4. A bandage over the exposed wound but no painkillers – Phrase cause theres no verb 5. Her dream was to see parts and die happy Man Clause, phrase, underlne subject and the verb -Main verb is to see -When you see a semi colon you can generally understand that another complete sentence is coming Excersise 2 -Sub clause is usually right in the middle, usually that or who 1. While the fighting persists the airport will remain closed.– when you see the word while it means your talking about a specific time. .. You wanna look for words like while or as. This has a subordinate clause and a main clause that follows it 2. The supplies that would prevent deaths from injuries and starvation have been delayed (Phrase) 3. I am worried about my parents who are helpless victims of the civil war. 4. Although many attempts have been made to enforce a cease-fire, the Fighting has increased 5. Hopes for an early solution are fading because neither side will comprise. (Phrase) Simple- Subject + verb (One clause) Compound – 2 Main Clauses Complex 1 main clause + 1 subordinate Comp-Complex- 2mc +1sc=cc 1. Smoking in the hospital was prohibited, so patients huddled outside the doors in freezing temperatures. –Compound. 2. Othello is the story of a man who loved (Simple). Complex Clause 3. Some people believe (that tuition should be affordable enough for anyone to attend post secondary institutions, others believe tuition should be increased and loans made available to those who need them. (Compound- Complex) 4. As the runners surged toward the finish line, the crowd cheered wildy. 5. The distraught parents searched the campground, the campground, the lakeshore and the surrounding woods for their missing child. Simple 6. The weather which had remained warm for several days, suddenly turned bitterly cold. 7. In The grey dawn of a cold November morning, the hunter stood motionless at the edge of the clearing, waiting patiently, cold fingers ready to press the button on the sleek silver camera. 8. Before you take an exam, get a good nights sleep and eat a healthy meal. (Simple) Analyzing and narrowing a 1. Question 2. Recast in your own words 3. Definition 4. Brainstorming- Allows you to be very creative and to generate a massive amount of ideas 5. Subdivide the topic- Break it up-This is where you visualize how the whole paper is gonna work together 6. Imagine different positions- Look at the different view point so if youre for something you look at against it 7. 8. Formulate a double topic -Topics university tutition THESIS STATEMENTS -NEXT WEEK Essay writing for Canadian students with readings seventh edition davis steward bullock th Eng1100 September 16 Simple. Compound, Complex Compoud Complex Simple sentence: Is an independent cause. It can stand on its own, put a period and it makes sense. Compound sentence, two independent clauses joined by a fanboy and a comma Complex: IC+Subordinate clause Compound Complex: IC+IC+SC, with periods and fan boys Sentence Fragment: Exercise 4 page 415 -No more war is a sentence Fragment -Sentence Fragment can be both a phrase and a subordinate clause Such as –makes it a subordinate clause So-Indepent clause Because-Subordinate clause Issue: -Subject is debatable -Your thesis is the answer to the issue -Distinguish your opinions from someone else put your thesis, than 1 reason, 1 reason, 1 reason, conclusion ( if it’s a 5 paragraph essay) Conclusion ( main thesis), than you have your premises, premises 2, premises 3. They may each have a paragraph. Each has a claim and is being backed up by a sub claim. -Paragraph should be ¾ of a page. -With your thesis you wanna boil your story down -Thesis doesn’t need to be in a specific place but it must be included in the introductory paragraph. Lead up to it with context, and follow it with details -Don’t say in conclusion in your conclusion ENG1101 September 18 th A good thesis statement..-Answers a question Page 415 1. Many students decide not to hold part time jobs because they need time to study 2. Although the benefits of pollution regulations outweigh costs, every regulation has an impact on the Canadian economy 3. Genetically modified foods, are sometimes known as “frakenfoods” 4. In the last act of the play, the hero and the villain confront each other. ( removed the word when) 5. Genetic manipulation could be useful in the treatment of some diseased such as diabetes. Page 416 -With a fragment you can add words, switch the coma, take out words, etc -Although- suggests it’s a subordinate clause. So this requires a comma Comma splice has a complete sentence, than a complete sentence -Complete sentence, conjunction, fanboy, complete sentence -page 404 of book look at that, you can insert a transitional word Exercise 5 1. Holden wants to be like the ducks, (because) no one seems to notice them. 2. The southern hall of the province has received very little rain for the third consecutive year; consequently, poor crops are expected. 3. The competition in high school is intense, some students use alcohol to escape from the pressure to succeed. 4. Olena has very limited vision; so voice sensitive computer software is enormously helpful to her. 5. Ultra Light aircraft are easy to fly however they can be very difficult to land. -With but thers usually a condition, with so its usually cause and effect Independent clause, Independent clause, -Comma splice. -you have to add punctuation in order to not have a run on sentence. Exercise 7 3. Einstein abhorred the practical use of his theories by the military, and in the future we may find more humanitarian uses for his concepts. 4. Some leaders brutally impose their policies, but they get sullen compliance at best 5. The window display stopped passerby in their tracks because it featured a mannequin wrapped in a bloody sheet with a boot on its neck Thesis: -answers a question -Its more than a restatement of the topic -If its argumentative you are arguing one point of view or one perspective -One sentence long. -proposes something that can be proven -clearly states the main point of the essay -is one sentence long -Proposes something that can be proven -matters, is relevant, ansdd answers “ so what” -Fragments, comma splices, clauses- all on test Septembe 23 rd -Very specific argument -Dedutive from the general to the specifics Simple Sentence- Independent Clause: -Contains ONE subject, and ONE verb, Compound Sentence: -Joins two independent clauses FANBOYS, For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So. -Usually theres a comma after that -Semi Colon -NO dependent Clause Complex Sentence: -One independant clause, joined by at least one dependent clause -Subordinator usually because, since, after, although, when (if it has time attached to it, it’s a subordinator) - --When you see a semi colon you can generally understand that another complete sentence is coming th September 25 -Page 447-449, on the next test Independent clause- coordinating clade, independent clause -exercise 4 2. comma goes before which, Comma goes after guzzler, 3. -words with ING that follow the subject or the noun, generally set off with commas - Exercise 5 1. Because, he could find no way to avoid the task he got to work. 2. In the morning light shone through the cracks in the roof. 3. Marvin on the other hand is steady ha
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