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Denise Fidia

English 1120U Notes Dark Romanticism Poe – 1809-1840, son of teenage actors, inherited financial instability and marginalization Poe’s parents died when he was 3, was taken in by adopting parents, named family Allen… Poe ruined his university career by drinking and gambling, ruined his military career as well… Married his 13 year old cousin, moved to various places, always working as a journalists or w.e, but cannot hold down a job due to his drinking/gambling Wife died as young women, two years prior to Poe… The indeterminate boundary between waking and inwaking, natural/supernatural etc. etc… the slippage between different states. Less interested in truth or real or reality, more interested in imagination, more understanding of the world by larger or wider perspective Symbols important, a preoccupation to search for the absolute/ideal American Romanticism, 1830-1865 (Dark romanticism) Developed in reaction to the notion that humans and animals were inherently “good” Developed fiction, more so than the European romanticism Tell-tale heart: Setting: Midnight, old place Symbols: The Eye – it watches, vulture eye, a “film” over it – clouded, pale blue, evil eye. Old man, evil eye Eye is a symbol of….. The narrators “I” (a claim) – deviant Death, decay All seeing surveillance Narrator’s disease The Beating Heart… human mortality Permanence His own guilt Allegory -A literary work in which the characters and their situations represent general qualities and types Hawthorne born 1804, born in Massachusetts Story: Third person limited “Authorial intrusion” “Universal” Historical Plot Inner Darkness
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