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Lecture 12

ENG1120 Lecture 12: Two Kinds (Tan)

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Natalie Taylor

April 7 2017 Lecture 12 Two Kinds Amy Tan Finding power in not and in anger and opposition identity construction comingofage 1949 in China, a huge amount of tumult from Communist revolution The mother lost everything but she never looked back with regret, it tells us shes either very good on putting on a brave face, or stubborn and looking to the future as a coping mechanism Prodigy innate talent with training and practice The mother is looking for something new to invest in and stability and security Its not based in reality, you can be a prodigy is a misunderstanding or miscommunication The mechanism shes using thats setting up people for disaster, shes pinning all her hopes on an unrealistic perspective on the US and her daughter The daughter is living with that level of expectation Shes not locked in the room in the Yellow Wallpaper Her name in this story is JingMei She thinks her dreams and aspirations and real and the parents usually ground the children at some point but here shes feeding into it The daughter embraces her mothers expectations and is excited for it at this point The mothers point of reference from the three magazines arent very reputable She expects the impossible and doesnt know the answer but also doesnt consider how the little boy learned the cities of countries and just expects her daughter to know things on command and be psychic in a way (tell the weather) When she begins to realize shes put under a bizarre level of expectation (contradictory) she has a breakdown She doesnt think she can just be ordinary or a kid In the face of all of this pressure she says no she wont be like this And the aspect she embraces ferociously is finding her identity in no or wont Power + anger=protection She thinks this is her prodigial talent, shes still looking for who she is under her mothers terms She builds this identity under rebelling against her mom but on her mothers terms As long as she looks likes shes doing the right thing, Mr. Chong wont know as hes deaf (Appearences) She wanted her mother to scream after the recital but she was just blank faced, A lot of immigrant parents put their hopes on their children in hopes they make good or their sacrifices The mother also has an unrealistic expectation of the US and her daughter When that collapses its a serious bruise for the mother to process after losing everything with nothing to show for it They fight by the piano Theyre similar, stubborn and angry when things dont go their way Shes scared because shes volatile and not in control of it, shes a momentum and reacting rather than in the drivers seat Were seeing the battle of wills, as the daughter is in the mothers mold (fighting opposition you face no matter what)
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