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Lecture 3

ENG 1120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Father Figure, John Updike, Consumerism

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ENG 1120
Breid Mc Ilkenny

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Literature ad Cop
Shirley Jackson (1919-1965)
- Wrote fro the early 9s to 9s
- Versatile author - a variety of subjects horror to hildres literature
- Lived a quiet life
o away from the city
o exported books and children
- Interpreting her work The lottery
o Husband her stories are sensitive and faithful anatomy of our times, fitting symbols for
our distressing world using supernatural terror to provide metaphors for the all to real
terrors of the natural
o the public was shocked in disbelief nothing in the magazine before or since would
provoke such fury, horror, rage, disgust and intense fascination
o Her own I hoped, by setting a particularly brutal ancient rite in the present and in my
own village to shock the readers with a graphic dramatization of the pointless violence
and general..
o Can be said that it is a portrayal of as iheret inhumanity or as self preservation,
producing a scapegoat for oes own protection
Blindly following tradition
Randomness of persecution
Capitalism masquerading as socialist collectivism (egalitarian)
o Written in the objective 3rd person describing the plot as a scene (not allowed into the
minds of the characters at oly judge fro hat oe says
o Disingenuous authorial tone
- Apparently conservative new England village
- Village has a soial syste ased o failys ork ethi ad soial aeptaility
- Summers (coal company), Graves (post-master), Martin (Grocer) are at the top of the hierarchy
and maintain control over the black box
- Scapegoat Archetype ancient cultures believed that growing crops represented the life cycle
- Look at Lauree Jakso Hya o his other “hirley: Her ork is so releat o… y
Rachel cooke. Dec. 16
- What people think of it discussion
o P1
Opens with a delicate setting
A ritual is timed so that people can get home from dinner
The previous sacrifice was successful BC there is good grass
People are moving from nature to the post office/bank
June 27th between 2 celebrations (summer solstice and 4th of July {American
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o P2
Children are becoming involved in the ritual
Being passed on from generation to generation
Portrayal of innocence gathering stones is like a game
Girls aret idetified (given names) and men are gender divide
Name Dickie Delacroix corrupted Christianity
o P3
Juxtaposition of the ancient planting and rain VS the taxes and tractors
eforig geder doiae, hildre dot liste to their others
o P4
Author soehat distrats the reader fro the hits
Portrays Mr. Summers as being a nice guy
Mr. Summers is immune People at the top are almost invincible
o P5
Mr. Summers is really active about the ritual
o P6
Mr. Summers is trying to be one of the people
Owns a coal company but is wearing a crisp white shirt
o Next couple Paragraphs Ms. Hutcheson
Portrayed as a loose cannon
Most undesirable person a troublemaker
Calling Mr. Summers by his first name
o Old man Warner
Old fashioned traditional
Mr. Summers has taken over
An corner piece
o Nancy
Portrayed as a nice girl
She has to take over the mother role
12 verge of adolescence
o death by stoning
village participation
collective murder
easier to stomach
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