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Lecture 1

ENG 1120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Bildungsroman

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ENG 1120
Paul Graves

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ENG1120 Literature and Composition: Growing Up On Literature
January 16th, 2018
Romantic Model
- A baby is born innocent
- They do’t at to itercede i the child’s deelopet
- The child needs to be protected
Types of Childre’s Lit
1. Romantic
2. Moral & Manners
3. Fairy Tales
4. Fantasy
Must have a primary and secondary world
5. Domestic Stories
One that took place in the house
Issues with family
6. Adventure Stories
Considered for boys
Boy is out in the world, experiencing something
7. Coming of Age
Educational novel
o Moral growth
o Formation of the self
Thees to Look for i Childre’s Lit
1. Duel Audience
2. Romantic or Evangelical
3. Didactic Instrumental vs. Entertainment
4. Question of innocence
5. Fantasy or Realism
6. Primary & Secondary worlds
7. Narrative First/Second/Third
8. Gender Roles
9. Role of Parents
10. Authority Figures
11. Family
12. Role of friendships
13. Time/Place
Introduction to Fairy Tales
Folk Tales: Oral tales for common people
Literary Tales: Written down tales either original or collected oral tales
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