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Lecture 2

ENG1120 Lecture 2: terror by nabokov

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ENG 1120
Cory Sampson

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Terror by Nabokov
Fear that comes through the anticipation of the horror
Narrator appeals to creeds and philosophies
Creates cultural and symbolic systems that allow to make more sense of an
experience that is ultimately senseless
Horror of this experience is the result of reason and rationality to lessen the
unknown and alien nature of death
P.116; language is the median to which he relates experience, he says he is a
Cannot recognize her
Describe failure of language to capture experience
P.116; “in this darkness everything at once began to move…”, Language fixes
things, stabilizes, everything starts to move and the identities are suddenly
P.119; “...the world was on its own, and that world was devoid of sense”, If you
get rid of either side of the equation there would be no absurdity
Disjunction between language and reality is an experience of horror
Descartes is a philosopher from 16th century
“I think therefore I am”
Save world from skepticism
P.119; “..some better brick than the Cartesian one…”
Last paragraph;
Didn’t find solid brick
Mistress helps keep monsters at bay
Failure of human language ultimately to make the world familiar in an
intelligent way
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