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Christa Zeller Thomas

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The Age of LeadAuthor Margaret AtwoodCharacters Jane Vincent John TorringtonBarn BurningAuthor William FaulknerCharacters Colonel Sartoris Snopes Sarty Abner Snopes Lennie Snopes Major de Spain Mr Harris Colonel John Snopes Net and an unnamed sister Lizzie Lula de Spain The ServantThe BirthmarkAuthor Nathaniel HawthorneCharacters Aylmer Protagonist Georgiana Aminadab Bad aminaThe Bloody ChamberAuthor Angela CarterCharacters Heroine The Marquis JeanYves Heroines Mother The Opera Singer First Wife The Evening Star Walking on the Rim of Night Second Wife The Romanian Countess Third WifeCoquelicotAuthor Duncan Campell ScottCharacters Diane Gosselin Conquelicot Hector Gosselin Dianes brother nicknamed The Lizard Hermisdas GodboutThe Day of the LocustAuthor Nathanael WestCharacters Tod Hackett A young Hollywood set and costume designer who has been in California for three months after attending art school at Yale Homer Simpson Large broad man who has recently moved to Hollywood after working as a hotel bookkeeper in Iowa Faye Greener A seventeenyearold aspiring actress Faye was raised by her father Harry her mother having left them when Faye was a child Harry Greener Fayes father a vaudeville clown and comedic actor who has never been truly successful Harry began his stage career in New York then moved to Hollywood with Faye in hopes of finding film work Earle Shoop A tall skinny cowboy from Arizona Earle never has much money and rarely even has a home spending his days in Hollywood standing out front of Hodges saddlery store staring at the billboard across the street Miguel Earles Mexican companion and wouldbe roommateif they ever had a house Miguel keeps gamecocks and is quite proud ofthem Honest Abe KusichA bookkeeping dwarf and one of Tods friends Claude Estee A successful Hollywood screenwriter and another of Tods friends Claude plays along with the masquerades of Hollywood keeping a house that is a replica of a Southern mansion and acting the part of a Southern gentleman himself Alice Estee Claudes wife Audrey Jenning The owner of a wellmaintained callhouse Mrs
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