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Christa Zeller Thomas

PlaceA component of settingBut more than the backdrop for actionNot just landscape and topography but also historical and familial bonds emotional attachments eg a sense of belonging narrative links eg family histories and economic opportunities eg work and other career optionsAttachments and opportunities or the lack thereof translate into the notion of ones place in a particular location or environment how one fits in whether one belongsThe Other Othering Otherness The other is anybody or anything that is stigmatized socially cast out described in subordinating terms in order to define and secure ones own positive identitya different race White vs nonWhitea different nationality Anglo Saxon vs Italiana different religion Protestant vs Catholic or Christian vs Jewa different social class upper vs working classa different political ideology capitalism vs communisma different sexual orientation heterosexual vs homosexuala different origin native born vs immigrantThe concept of the other is based in the tendency to depict others as somehow categorically topologically intrinsically DIFFERENTDifference is externalized in the other in highly negative waysDifference embodies everything I am not and dont wish to be Difference is the basis of fearSettingConsists of the place and time of the storyPlace the physical features eg topography climate and psychological aspects eg sense of belonging forbidding qualities of a locationTime historical period eg 1870s 1930s 2012 time of day eg morning night and time of year eg January summerNaturePortrayed as an indifferent force that acts on human and animal livesIe Nature is the opposite of calm nurturing and serene as in romantic literatureEnacted conflict is human vs NatureHuman natureIn stories of this kind is driven by base instincts passions and desiresIs governed by forces of heredity and the environmentConcept of the brute withinhumans dont evolve they devolve they regress to a more animalistic way of living This means that we bring psychological insights about human behaviour into the study of fictional characters and their behaviours
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