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16 Mar 2012

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Short Fiction
Chopin; The Storm discuss use of setting to convey incident in the storm.
Poorer class. Bobinot is Acadian farmer and Calixta is Acadian
Calixta: sensuous woman, sexual magnetism
Clarisse: graceful, cold and kind, opposites <^
Story resembled the relationship
The Storm is a symbol in the story
Bobinot takes on the maternal role with Bibi, close relationship
Alcee’s wife has the maternal role in their relationship, always with the children
Alcee is of higher class
Wiping sweat from her brow, undoing a button foreshadowing her sexuality
Sexual frustration
Alcee rides in on his horse and saves her from her sexual frustration before the
storm begins, irony?
Adjectives used symbolize what is going to happen
Alcee grabs the pants which flew off the porch, symbolizing him taking Bobinot’s
place as man of the house
Description of the room provides insinuation of what is going to happen “he flung
himself”, “open bedroom”, “dark and mysterious”, “thrust”
Rain symbolizes fertility. “Its been a good 2 years since its rained like that”
Bibi’s bed in the same room as his parents could likely be a cause for this sexual
Both hint at the fact that they will be safe and not get caught in what they are about
to do.
Censored by the imagery
Alcee feels as though he can seduce Calixta easily.
The lightening and the tree symbolizes that the storm has reached its worst and it
will only continue. Trees symbolize family, lightening potentially splitting that in
two and destroying these 2 families with adultery.
Assumption is the dance where something happened between the two of them,
ultimately causing Calixta to agree to marry Bobinot after seeing Alcee leaving with
Socially unacceptable for them to marry
What happened was inevitable just like the storm
The release of this frustration caused the family to be happy, everyone ended happy,
yet happy over something that goes against their marriage
Alcee has most likely already had affairs on his wife
Bobinot prepared for the worst to be scrutinized by Calixta when returning home,
because this is her position being a housewife with little money
If this has not taken place the marriage may have not lasted because it released this
tension and allowed the family to be happy
Rejuvenation of the relationships as well as the earth
Bobinot is no longer a victim of her frustration
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