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Breid Mc Ilkenny

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Short FictionChopin The Stormdiscuss use of setting to convey incident in the stormLouisiana Poorer class Bobinot is Acadian farmer and Calixta is AcadianCalixta sensuous woman sexual magnetism Clarisse graceful cold and kind oppositesStory resembled the relationshipThe Storm is a symbol in the storyBobinot takes on the maternal role with Bibi close relationshipAlcees wife has the maternal role in their relationship always with the childrenAlcee is of higher classWiping sweat from her brow undoing a button foreshadowing her sexualitySexual frustration Alcee rides in on his horse and saves her from her sexual frustration before the storm begins ironyAdjectives used symbolize what is going to happenAlcee grabs the pants which flew off the porch symbolizing him taking Bobinots place as man of the houseDescription of the room provides insinuation of what is going to happen he flung himself open bedroom dark and mysterious thrustRain symbolizes fertility Its been a good 2 years since its rained like thatBibis bed in the same room as his parents could likely be a cause for this sexual frustration Both hint at the fact
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