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Lecture 2

ENG 1120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Modern Language Association, Jstor, Mendeley

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ENG 1120
Graham Lorrie

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Lecture 2 – Research (January 19, 2016)
Research: Databases, journal articles and works cited
Use Oxford Reference for general background info on the topic
To access online encyclopedias/databases:
oUsername: first part of UOttawa email address
oPassword: option to set password for library in Password Management Tool in
Find at least one unique keyword that captures the main idea. Other words can be generic
AND narrows your search, OR broadens your search, use quotations around phrases “” to
search the words in a phrase together (ex: “climate change”; without “”, you would find
articles for “climate” and “change”, but not necessarily together), * finds different
endings of a word
In literature search, always put name of author OR name of literature
oAuthors often have recurring themes, or writing, that crosses all of their work
Use a database to find journal articles
Use Library Research guides ( – “Google of the library”
oSearches all databases
oKey databases by subject > Arts & Humanities > English
oUse LION Literature Online, MLA Bibliography and JStor, also Academic Search
Research help > Research guide > Arts and humanities > English literature
What is a scholarly source? Scholarly journals share the following traits:
oUsually have an abstract
oTend to be longer in length
oMay have charts or graphs
oContain minimal advertising
oAvailable at university library or through subscription
oMay have words like Review, Studies or Quarterly in the title
What does peer review mean? Academic research journals which contain articles in
which an editorial committee has reviewed articles for submission without knowing the
authors (blind review)
oLook for submission and acceptance dates, or at cover info of the journal to
determine the presence of an editorial board or committee
“Peer-reviewed only” eliminates books, encyclopedias, etc. (eliminates everything that is
not a peer-reviewed journal article)
Works cited
oPurpose is so readers can find sources used in the paper
oCite every document you referred to in your text
oReference includes: author, year, title of article, journal, volume, issue and page
Use English Literature Research Guide for citation creator and style guides
Purdue Online Writing Lab is the best website to use for help with referencing and paper
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