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Lecture 6

ENG 1120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Louise Erdrich, The Things They Carried, Frame Story

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ENG 1120
Graham Lorrie

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Lecture 6 – “The Red Convertible” and “The Things They Carried”
Midterm (25% of mark) on Tuesday, March 1 at 7-10 p.m.
Look at three stories, find a theme, and write an essay in 3 hours
Open book – bring the stories and a dictionary/thesaurus (not electronic)
oNeed quotations, but do not need a “Works Cited”
Thesis in the last sentence at the end of the introduction (underlined)
Final version has to be written in pen
Instructions: choose on of the themes provided, and write an essay with 6-7 paragraphs (6
sentences per paragraph) about three stories studied so far.
oUnderline thesis statement
oUse quotations from stories to back up the arguments, which must be properly
documented in MLA
oShort story names are in quotations “”
Themes: will be broad, such as “love”.
oNarrow the themes
oDo not write a “so what?” thesis
Words to avoid: negative, positive, evil, good, and everyone
Essay Evaluation
Content (including thesis) as evidenced by originality and complexity of thought
Tone as evidenced by appropriate, clear language
oCan use personal pronouns such as “I” or “we” with good reason, but do not write
a personal response essay
oDO NOT USE “you” or “your”
Organization as evidenced by grammar, spelling, style, citations
Essay Writing
A long quotation is more than 4 typed lines
oIndent it with no quotation marks
Quotation in a quotation gets a single quotation mark (‘’)
Thesis statement that would sustain an essay that is 6-7 paragraphs (6 sentences each)
Keep “negative” and “positive” out of an essay – they are empty markers, they are weak
and not specific
In the thesis statement, mention the stories and the authors
Tim O’Brien
Born in 1946
Lonely, overweight and a dreamer
Took political science in college and attended war protests: a war in which he eventually
fought in
He did not desert the war because he didn’t want to humiliate his family
Got a purple heart
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