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Lecture 5

ENG 1120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Free Indirect Speech, Katherine Mansfield, Bloomsbury Group

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ENG 1120
Breid Mc Ilkenny

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The Garden Party
January 29, 2016
Katherine Mansfield
- Wealthy New Zealand family, spent time in England as a child, and returned as an adult
- Modernist, engaged in impressionism
Bordered on post-modernism
- Wanted to join the Bloomsbury group, but was rejected due to her New Zealand heritage
- Died at 34 of TB
- Many of her short stories are set in New Zealand
- Had a terse style, used symbolism, impressionism (narrative)
Fragmentation and cinematic visual style also used
- Impressionism is deliberately ambiguous (reader must determine meaning for
themselves), setting requires an emotional response, stand back and contemplate, events
are described as they happen (move through events with the character(s))
- Used stream of consciousness and free indirect style
- Felt that art and life were inseparable
The Garden Party
- A bildungsroman (journey to adulthood)
- Environment of exclusivity and extravagance
Sheridan house is up on the hill, physically separate from the poor neighbours
- Sense of entitlement
- Gender expectations and role playing
The son going off to work with his father & the daughters at home
- In medias res (starts right in the middle of things)
- Very idealistic start, Garden of Eden. Only place things can go is down
- Laura is more sensitive than the others
Bird like descriptions
Between a child and an adult
Romanticises the workmen
- Karaka tree is very important in Maori culture
Laura doesn’t want it hidden
- Mrs. Sheridan has is quite controlling
Family has power over other families (Kitty’s hat)
- Lots of lilies ordered by Mrs. Sheridan
Lilies are symbolic of both death and fertility (canna lilies self-pollinate)
- Jose singing “this life is weary”, when she is so privileged
- Scott was killed when his horse shied at an engine
Mansfield blames industrialisation
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