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Lecture 7

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David Carlson

English 1122A Lecture 7 Thursday October 3 , 2013. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Green Knight Appearance: - Green completely from his hair down to his feet - He wears green with gold attire - Why green? o Association/ Representation of nature - Why Gold? o Wearing/Carrying o He doesn’t have any armor - He has red eyes - Wild hair/beard (both green) - He has a green horse with gold braided into his mane - He is carrying an ax in one hand, fastened with forest green buttons, wound all around with a lace, tassels, tails of string o This is the same object that Gawain later takes from the hosts wife o It is not an ax for chopping logs, nor is it necessarily a weapon as a sword is, it is used for execution o The implication of execution is for criminals and criminal justice - In the other hand, he carries a stem of holly bob o A sprig of Holly o Associated with Christmas o Birth of Christ: possibility of salvation o You cannot earn salvation, if you get it, its only by Christ’s grace o Merciful/gracious gift o It is green, the leafs also have thorns (Christ’s crown of thorns) o Evergreen possibility of salvation, a hopeful thing o Also associations with red (red berries) which is associated with blood, Good Friday (Christ’s crucifixion and passion) o The cross on which Christ was crucified was made out of the wood of a holly tree - He is ultimately offering a blow for a blow, but is not more specific than that - You see that it is a possibility that someone could take the Holly Bob and stroke his cheek with it, and that would constitute as a blow. The conclusion is that the ax is the thing to use - When you choose between the ax and the holly bob, it is a test/game: would you rather have justice or mercy? - What are the consequences? o How they deal with this test determines how they come out o Arthur and people around are paying adequate attention - Before cutting the head off, you hit him first, he will be dead before the execution by decapitation Symbolism behind the shield Inside the Shield; - Painting of the queen to represent the blessed Virgin Mary o Associated with mercy and grace Outside the Shield; - Pentacle o Mentions how each of the 5 points represent 5 virtues, 5 senses, 5 joys of Mary o Endless knot, everything is connected to everything else  Has no beginning or end  Represents a token of truth, when it comes to trut
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