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Lecture 12

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ENG 1122 – Lecture 12 Secular Modernity/Uncertainty Modern Poetry - Radical changes Part of the problem with radical changes is that poetry becomes what you expect it to be. p. 653 th Suri/Henry 8 - Basically invented modern poetry p.649  Reflection on circumstance/people around him  Sonnet - 14 lines (fixed form) of Iambic Pentameter - Rhyme: abba / cddc / ee - Repetition of the same sound at the end of the line  Alliteration - Repetition of the same sound at the beginning of the line  Assonance o Repetition of a vowel sound in the middle of the word  Couplet – group of 2 lines  Quatrain – group of 4 lines  Sestet – group of 6 lines  Iambic Pentameter o Stressed/Unstressed syllables What is poetry? How do you distinguish it? What does it have that other uses of languages don’t? - Repetition, some kind of regularity of rhythm - This is what makes poetry important historically and otherwise - What makes it valuable and apprehensible - Historically, poetry is always older than pros literature - Culture after culture, poetry comes first What’s so great about rhythm? - It’s easier to remember things when you have rhythmic regularity - This may have to do with poetry being earlier than pros - There’s a kind of magic to it - Make yourself aware of its property and effect - You have to think about what’s going on, your body likes rhythmic regularity, it’s the way things work - Your body likes the same thing over and over and over again - I.e. dancing, breathing - This is why you like poetry, because it fundamentally appeals to rhythmic regularity - The different poetic renditions and different kinds of rhythmic regularity  The rhythm of modern poetry is accentual o Fairly straight forward  There’s something in the Germanic language that w
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