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Lecture 13

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David Carlson

Eng 1122 – Lecture 13 Shakespeare April 23, 1564 – April 23 1616 April 23 – St George’s Day (Patron Saint, England) Came to London in late 1570s, at a moment when professional theatre was just being invented. There was no permanent place for putting on plays in the UK until 1572. He wrote about 40 plays and produced them regularly (2 plays/year), one fun/light play and one heavy/difficult one. In order to make money with these new professional theatres, you had to have a show to bring people in. Young people went to the South Side Outside, and to see a play in the theatre. Invented professional theatre for his generation, his job was to write the scripts that would be mounted in professional theatres From 1611-12, he made enough money to buy a house in Stratford His plays are popular entertainment, even today. High culture When they started, they weren’t high culture, but low culture The Tempest  Associated with Shakespeare’s retirement  Represented as his farewell to the theatre  It’s not his last play, but is has a traditional place in Canada as his farewell to the theatre/ retirement piece  Comes first in the famous first folio edition of his plays after he died in 1616  In 1623, a book of his plays were put together with the Tempest coming first The Play  A play about a storm  Has an imposition of a physical assault of a storm, physical manifestation/representation of what a storm felt like for the audience  Performed under an open sky (complicated lighting effects…didn’t have much technology)  Always the same storm taking different forms o S
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