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University of Ottawa
James Brooke- Smith

March 6 Lecture Three features of the Dramatic Monologue The poem has a speaker and an implied auditor The speaker uses a case-making or argumentative tone The reader must fill in the narrative gaps through inference Genre known as the “Dramatic Monologue” created by Browning - Used by Tennyson - Poems that are written in the voice of a particular character Narrator voice is now specified through a character for the duration of the poem Key features of Dramatic Monologue 1 Poem has a speaker 2 Has an implied auditor: Character (nar.) addresses another character Audience is listening to a series of characters talking to each other As a result: the reader hovers on the edges of the exchange; kind of like eaves-dropping Areader of literature; but looking through someone’s eyes Narrator uses an argumentative tone to justify themselves Trying to justify violent acts as in Porpheriya’s lover, Last Duchess 3 Hearing poem through their voice to smooth over actions and motives Limited perspective: no access to all the details As an individual: perspective is limited Our role as a reader is to fill in the gaps of the narrative Second-guess,
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