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Lecture 18

ENG3320 Lecture 18: TS Eliot continued - March 22
ENG3320 Lecture 18: TS Eliot continued - March 22

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University of Ottawa
Kelly St- Jacques

March 22, 2017 – TS Eliot continued “The Waste Land” cont’d  Physically alive, mentally alive  Nature revives yearly, cruel. Humans are just dying  “Son of man” – Ezekiel. – Biblical image number 1  “cricket no relief” – Ecclediastes - #2 – what happens while you age o all of humanity has aged  Isaiah: King has no water. Hide under red rock for shade – Biblical image #3 o Hope, you have to find it  What happened to love in the Waste Land? o So in love, but his response is nothing. Deprived of feeling.  Tristan and Isolde – Like R&J  There is nothing but a wide expanse of ocean  If it we can’t trust Bible and love, who can we trust? – Astrologer o Phoenician Sailor – he represents the whole of the glory of the Phoenician soldier.  In the Waste Land, people just die and go nowhere  Not finding card – will there ever be regeneration?  Unreal city o Walking around (echo of line 56) o “death had undone so many” – from Dante’s Inferno  sees all people not quite in Hell – neither good enough for Heaven or bad enough for Hell  this is the city of London. People going neither up nor down o 1 circle of Hell – limbo  not the people from outside, but want tend to existence in limbo o “Stetson” – unknown man. Possibly American/Businessman. Involved in war. o “That corpse … sprout” – in waste land, if you bury fisher king, dogs will prevent him from rising Section II: A Game of Chess  2 plays from Elizabethan times o chess as center image of conflict o chess pieces appear, talk to each other. No winner, but lots of manipulation  suggest cruelty?  Opening passage about Cleopa
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