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Lecture 22

ENG3320 Lecture 22: Woolf - March 31

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University of Ottawa
Kelly St- Jacques

March 31, 2017 – Virginia Woolf  Big on giving real portrayal of people  Tools of Edwardians not working anymore for her  How to get at reality of characters? Readers have to do it.  Mental illness part of her life from early on (Mrs. D) – she eventually drowned herself. Modern Fiction – p 2150  “Mr Wells, Mr. Bennett…” o too interested in stuff, materialists  “look within … believe it.” (2152) o key  Psychology o Freud, etc. becoming known. Influences all out there. (Mrs. D time) o new vision of fiction in mind  idea of fragmentation and alienation  Dig out character caves. Tunnel back to get only what’s needed for characters Mrs. Dalloway  Narration. Direct/indirect speech, internal monologue  Cubism o multiple perspectives  Structure o single day June 1923 (temporal) o Ordering principle is Big Ben  Begins midmorning. First noted time is 11 am. Last time is 3:30am  Very much a city novel. Routes can be mapped. London as character.  Social economic and urban modernity o changing lives of men and women o WWI and technology o Spanish influenza (Clarissa is survivor)  Idea of fragmentation  Self-referentiality, discontinuous temporalities, no discreet omniscience, ambiguity over certainty, world being alienated from tradition  Modern fiction o emphasis on “ordinary”  After pe
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