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Lecture 23

ENG3320 Lecture 23: Woolf continued - April 5

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Kelly St- Jacques

April 5, 2017 - Woolf continued  New, original book in style, content of its time o Style questions readers’ assumptions  Destabilizes form o Plot is to whom and how character perceives it o Lacks structure as well o Liked it, try to make sense of the world  P. 2157 “In people’s eyes… of June” o Noisy. Contrast with hush of her house o Also intensely private and very public book  Keats – loving, but irreconcilable separates (war and peace, public and private, etc.) o Tensions between pairs of thigns  (momentarily) resolved at party. But it’s imperfect. Not fully resolved  difficulties with closure, offers ambiguity  Texts supports different meanings o Human condition in flux  Theme: interconnectedness of all thngs o Played out with image patterns, repeated words and phrases, connections between characters o Sane vs insane  Narrator revolutionary o Characters don’t have deep knowledge of each other, narrator ties them for us o Resists dominating and controlling presence o Will let other voices through o Wolfe doesn’t maintain precise control o Critics find it annoying (especially in discussions of social class)  Disruptive  Integrative function o Often free, indirect discourse  Connections with physical environment (ex. Plane, car) o Even if they don’t know each other, or are distant  2157 “She stuffed a little… very upright.” o Scrope Purvis – direct discourse. His thoughts.  Aware of environment around her (interconnected) o Bird imagery associated with Clarissa o Smooth flow into one another  2170-71 “There is a fine young feller.. by means of thought…” o direct discourse at first, unclear where characters/narrator ends/begins
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