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Lecture 24

ENG3320 Lecture 24: End of Woolf - April 7

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Kelly St- Jacques

April 7 – Woolfe continued  Septimus taught “manliness” in army o Got through war by not feeling  Against instincts of self-preservation – not it’s appalling  Woolf had same ambiguous feelings about world/society as Clarissa  S alienated from society which was trying to get back to normal life  S and Mrs. K definition of class problems o Mrs. K lost position because she won’t say all Germans are evil o How vulnerable a working woman can be  Sense of novel taking place in the city o London presents some qualities of the waste land  Capitalism – competing with others o Sir William Bradshaw, Hugh, Lady B  Richard and Clarissa, harsher versions of themselves  Bradshaw – hereditary eugenisist o Proportion, conversion  2211-12 “But Proportion has a sister … to his patients.” o Grey is sinister o Contrast with Clarissa – wants people to be themselves. Cry for individuality o Colonization and empire – pushing people to go. o Full of existential issues  Everyone has to come to terms with this  “Those who do not condemn the past are doomed to repeat it.” o W condemns lack of response – her world is like this, too.  Novel is social and political commentary  Men’s routes are longer – freedom in city greater (except S) o Loops rather than out and back  Women go back the way they came  Elizabeth goes somewhere no one else goes o New generation being able to do more o Don’t know if she’ll embrace possibilities, but they’re there  Emergence of female consumer – women’s routes  Men run periphery – ownership of London  Peter does the most wandering  S expands on C’s, picks up, but goes further  Richard’s and Peter’s are complimentary to each other o Demonstrates their competition for C  C’s walk ½ of R’s.  S out window – C goes to window and looks out  C boots it back  Borden represents her past  Pastoral in imagery  Empire in shadows (India, Canada)  Big
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