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Class Notes for English at University of Ottawa (UOTTAWA)

UOTTAWAENG 2131Rosemary DanielsFall

ENG2131 Lecture 10: Sailing to Sarantium Notes

OC32696518 Page
7 Nov 2016
Kay: a literary author, not just an author of the fantasy genre. Roots of his novel based on actual historical place/history. Sailing to byzantium will
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UOTTAWAENG 1120Lorrie GrahamWinter

ENG 1120 Lecture Notes - Reddit, Incest, World War I

OC24529512 Page
7 Feb 2014
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UOTTAWAENG 2110Aida HudsonFall

ENG 2110 Lecture Notes - Simile, Fairy, Gilbert Blythe

OC23911552 Page
29 Jan 2014
Anne of green gables: what does the ordinary and the extraordinary observer see in anne (1116-1119)[ch. How does her reaction to the drive home and thr
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UOTTAWAENG 2131Rosemary DanielsFall

ENG 2131 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Neil Gaiman, Maurice Sendak, Unreliable Narrator

OC32696511 Page
10 Dec 2016
The ocean at the end of the lane - neil gaiman. Gaiman wasn"t exactly a fan of fantasy, but somehow the idea of fantasy just spreaded and spreaded. Som
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UOTTAWAENG 1121Rosemary DanielsWinter

ENG 1121 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Lysistrata, Phonaesthetics, Sight-Reading

OC8740863 Page
2 Apr 2016
Eng 1121a and c: final exam revision; winter 2016. [advice and hints are in red details from the actual exam are in black. ] This exam is divided into
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UOTTAWAENG 1120Breid Mc IlkennyWinter

ENG 1120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Schadenfreude, Samosa, Deeper Understanding

OC8656454 Page
30 Mar 2016
Born in kenya, raised in tanzania (east african indian) The effects of diaspora on ethnic identity. Many indians were brought to tanzania to build rail
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UOTTAWAENG 2131Rosemary DanielsFall

ENG 2131 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Gollum, Hobbit, Fairy Ring

OC125598118 Page
16 Oct 2017
Fantasy really emphasises the tension since there is no reality involved. Slipstream steampunk (golden compass) modern fantasy (kindred) magic realism.
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UOTTAWAENG 2110Krista MurchisonWinter


OC43413610 Page
15 Apr 2015
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UOTTAWAENG 2110Miles TittleWinter

ENG 2110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Louisa May Alcott, List Of Tom Sawyer Characters

OC7413552 Page
22 Mar 2016
Tom is a bad boy who means well generally and always comes out on top. Sanctioned rebel; points out the hypocrisy of the town by being told to be good,
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UOTTAWAENG 2110Kelly St.JacquesWinter

ENG 2110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Jenny Lin, Metafiction, Spinning Wheel

OC23957664 Page
23 Feb 2018
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UOTTAWAENG 2110Miles TittleFall

ENG 2110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Poetic Justice, Church Attendance, Maria Edgeworth

OC12215364 Page
6 Nov 2016
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UOTTAWAENG 1120Natalie TaylorFall

ENG 1120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Postpartum Depression, The Yellow Wallpaper, Migraine

OC8107253 Page
8 Mar 2016
Eng 1120 q literature and composition i: introduction to prose fiction. Point where narrator doesn"t tell herself something, b/c generally you won"t ac
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