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Class 3
Social movement dedicated to protecting the natural world and by extension humans from undesirable changes brought about by
human choices.
Different than Environmental Studies
Not a direct focus of this course, but worth being aware of its origins/development
North American environmental thought
The Canon:
Henry David Thoreau,
John Muir,
Aldo Leopold,
Rachel Carson
Noteworthy Canadians:
Grey Owl,
Gordon Hewitt
North American Environmentalism
Rapid European settlement of North American interior under way
Large-scale deforestation, extermination of bison, removal of native peoples from land
Preservationism: can areas be set aside where no development occurs?
Origins of Wilderness Society, Sierra Club
John Muir (1838-1914)
Lived and travelled in Ontario, along Lake Huron in 1860’s
In 1868 quit his job as an engineer in Indiana and walked to Florida (1000 miles)
Moved to Yosemite, conducted environmental science, pushed for creation of national park, co-founded Sierra Club
Linked living in the wild with spirituality
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