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Environmental Studies
Sonia Wesche

Chapter 6 Human PopulationAssess the Scope and Historical Patterns of Human Population GrowthThe current global population of 67 billion people add about 80 million people per year 26 every secondThe worlds population growth rate peaked at 21 in the 1960s and now stands at 12 Growth rates vary among regions of the worldAttitudes toward the population problem have changed over time The Malthusian perspective holds that population is a problem to the extent that it depletes resources intensifies pollution stresses social system or degrades ecosystems such that the natural environment or our quality of life declines Evaluate how human population affluence and technology affect the environmentThe IPAT model summarizes the environmental impact I results from interactions among population size P affluence A and technology TRising population and rising affluence leading to greater consumption each increase environmental impact Technological advances have frequently exacerbated environmental degradation but they also can help mitigate our impactFour major societal transitions Paleolithic tooluse Neolithic development of agriculture Industrial Revolution switch to fossil fuels and mechanization and the modern MedicalTechnological and Green Revolutions have fundamentally altered the way the human population interacts with the environment Explain and apple the fundamental concepts of demographyDemography applies principles of population ecology to the statistical study of human populationDemographers study size density distribution age structure and sex ratios of populations as well as rates of birth death immigration and migrationTotal fertility rate TFR contributes greatly to change in a populations size Outline the concept of Demograp
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