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Environmental Studies
Sonia Wesche

Class 5 What is An EcosystemA distinctive biotic community and the abiotic systems with which it interactsThe biotic grouping reproduces and perpetuates itselfEx Tundra desert temperate rainforest coral reefConcept SystemsSystem a network of relationships among components that interact with and influence one another through the exchange of energy matter and informationOpen system exchange energy and matter with systems outside itselfClosed system earth less common earth contains all of its matter itself in a closed systemPositive feedback reinforced a current systemNegative feedback counteracts a change occurringTrophic categories Autotrophs producers organisms that create organic mattero Most commonly plants via photosynthesis but also includes chemosynthetic deepsea bacteria Heterotrophs consumers must consume organic material produced by other organismso Includes herbivores carnivores parasites detritus feeders decomposers What is CapitalTerm originating in economics Originally referred toin excess of that need to meet ones own basic needsHas been expanded to include human capital social capital cultural capital religious capital Ecosystem Capital Goods and services humans derive from the natural environmentThere is historically no price or financial value assigned to the environment it is treated as freeEx Grasslands fenced for pasture water taken from rivers to drink clean air for respirationExternalities
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