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Environmental Studies
Sonia Wesche

Class 8 Dale Marshall Public Opinion A majority of Canadians believe global warming is occurring and that consequences are likely and catastrophic There is still a resistant minority 25 but there is a larger pool 48 who are looking for actionCascading support for action About 40 of Canadians are willing to vote based on the issue and are willing to incur costs Our greatest supporters women and Canadians under 35 Resistors primarily older white men The public knows that action means going beyond the 3Rs and generally does not believe that the Harper government has the solution Possible goal for environmentalists It must become socially unacceptable to favour economic policies that harm the environment Provinces Ontario coal shut down Green Energy Act and feedin tariff BC carbon tax ban on coal carbonneutral government and municipalities Quebec efficiency programs 4000 MW of wind investment in transit Nova Scotia cap on electricity emission Alberta wants to increase emissions develop tar sands build coalfired power plants Genesee 3 Keephills 3 Maxim Saskatchewan highest per capita emissions greatest increase since 1990 Strategies for environmental groups Publish research on state of problem or policyeconomictechnology solutions Lobby government electedbureaucrats to take
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