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Environmental Studies
Sonia Wesche

Air PollutionGlobal Climate ChangeMount Everest Is the highest elevation on Earth 885km above sea levelName in Tibetan is Chomolungma in Nepalese SagarmanthaConditions of SummitWind blows at about 250kmh for much of the year die to the jet streamThere is only 13 the concentration of oxygen per unit air at sea levelThe temperature is virtually always well below freezing can go to 75CEverest ClimbsFirst successful climb to summit and return 1953 Hillary and NorgayFirst female to summit 1975 TabeiFirst clime without oxygen 1978 Habeler and MessnerMost summits 10 Ang Rita Sherpa all without oxygenComposition of the Atmosphere Nitrogen 7808 Oxygen 2095TroposphereWhere we live and everything else on EarthPrecipitation cycle occurs hereTemperature gets colder the higher you go dry air cools at loC100m moist air at a typically lower rateLots of mixing of the airMeans that airborne pollution can make its way up to the tropopause fairly quickly Stratosphere1550km above the surfaceAir is thin does not move around muchContains ozone O3 which absorbs some radiation causing the stratosphere to warmHigher up are the mesosphere thermosphere and transition to outer spaceEnergy BalanceEnergy passing through the atmosphere drives ecological systemsThe amount of energy arriving at the Earth from solar radiation is balanced by a similar amount of radiation leaving the Earths atmosphere Human Modification of the Stratosphere
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