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Environmental Studies
Sonia Wesche

SoilFoodFood SecurityThe 5 As of food security o Availability o Affordability o Accessibility o Acceptability o AdequacyFood Production not the real current problemKeeping Up With Population Growth The Green Revolution1940s1960s and beyondTransfer of technologies to developing nations o Heavy equip chemical pesticides synthetic fertilizers irrigationIntroduction of high yield hybrid varieties HYVswheat rice corn o Intensification vs extensificationStill going on o Development of new crops pest resistance expansion into other regions o Population growth 2year wheat and rice 4year up to mid 80sThreats to Food SecuritySoil DegradationChanging dietsFood to energyClimate changeTechnology new problemsConflict PoliticsPoliciesThreats to Food Security Soil Degradation90 of the worlds food from landbased agriculture o 38 of land surface dedicated to agricultureMaintenance of soilcornerstone of civilizations What is SoilA mixture system of organic material inorganic material and living organismsSoil AvailabilitySome places have lots of good soil other may have none at allSoil if FragileIt takes decades or more to form a few inches of soilSoil can be removed from poorly managed land in a single season
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