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University of Ottawa
Environmental Studies
Sonia Wesche

Climate Change ImpactsAdaptationsVulnerability to Climate Change Vulnerability potential for harm or lossIs a function ofThe nature of the physical changes to which a population is exposedThe sensitivity of that population to climatic variability and changeThe adaptive capacity of that population Vulnerability to Climate Change Vulnerability Vpotential for harm or lossVf E S A Where Eexposure Ssensitivity Aadaptive capacityVulnerability to Sea Level RiseThe exposure and sensitivity are similar for Holland and Bangladesh The adaptive capacity of Holland is very different from BangladeshWhat is ClimategateIn 2009 hackers stole emails from accounts of scientists at University of East Anglia some of which were later posted to the internetThe released emails give impression that some scientists were actively conspiring to refute the arguments of critics of climate science commonly described as skeptics maybe even manipulating data to achieve particular results Why the FussUEA is an important centre for climate research and several of these scholars are leaders in the fieldFundamental tenets of good science are that the research must be replicable results should not be manipulated to achieve particular endsEmails give impression scientists may have had ulterior motivesThe story emerged just before the Copenhagen climate change conference in 2009Developments Since Climategate Independent studies of the research in question have been conducted in the UK and the US at Penn State UNo evidence has yet been found of any manipulation of research methods or results the research in question all appears soundNo one has been charged with the data theftThe blogosphere and conspiracy theorists are having great fun
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