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Environmental Studies
Sonia Wesche

Environmental HealthEnvironmentHealth RelationshipsAll environmental issues examined in course to date and coming up have human health implications o Population growthdecline o Water availability and quality o Soil quality o Biotech and food resources o Energy o Livable cities o Sustainable developmentHealth Hazards Hazard anything that can cause injury death disease damage to personalpublic property or deterioration or destruction of environmental components Two ways to look at hazards o Lack of access to necessitieso Exposure to dangerous chemicals substances activitiesRisk mathematical probability of suffering a loss as a result of exposure to a hazard Risk Pathways Physical hazardsBiological hazardsChemical hazardsSocialcultural hazards behaviouralShould we add economic hazards to this listPhysical HazardsNatural Disasters o Tornadoes floods hurricanes and wildfiresAvoidance of risk important in prevention o Ex building homes in floodplains living on a coastWho is at most riskBiological Hazards Infectious Disease Pathogenic bacteria fungi worms viruses o Vector borne o Crowdingo Contamination of food and waterLack of resources for sanitation Lack of education More prevalent in developing countriesClimate plays important role in transmission of many biological hazards
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