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Environmental Studies
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Renate Sander- Regier

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History of Environmental Thought Ancient Roots Special Interest Assignment Think about an aspect of human-nature relation or environmental topic Guidelines up this week Wolf Society - Live and hunt in packs o Basic organizational unit=breeding adult pair + offspring and other adults o Breed 1X/year - Fascinating and complex social structure o Hierarchy and cooperation - Communications o Why do wolves howl? o Do wolves howl at the moon? Wolves in Ancient Society - Nomadic, nature-based societies o Wolves and humans part of natural systems o Wolves admired, respected, revered - Wolves in ancient beliefs – mythologies Wolf-human relations in Western Society - Very complex, problematic - Agricultural societies o Human settled on land – possession control o Wolves represented a threat (to farm land and livestock) o Wolf persecuted in Europe o North America (fairy tales) Wolves in Language - A lone wolf - To wolf down food - To cry wolf - A wolf in sheep’s clothing - The wolf is at the door Worldview – a basic perspective for our view on the worl
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