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Environmental Studies
Renate Sander- Regier

Fri Feb. 1 . Weeks 1-3: ancient roots, worldviews and environmental knowledge and story Responses and reflections based on class prep class content Special interest Fri march 8 Annotated bib or book review (any Env. Book) or case study Biophilia - Genetic heritage - Need for nature o Indoors, offices, stress relief, city street vs. nature walk Another “Big bang” Story – Omaha - Beginning o Spirits seeking somewhere to live in physical form o Sun too hot, moon too cold o Earth covered in water - Then o Huge boulder rose out of the water o Exploded – water dried, land appeared o Spirits settled on earth  Plants, then animals then humans Creation Story – 7 - Moon phases - Days of the week - Planets - Chakras - Musical notes - Religious symbolism - Structure of space Creation stories – Common themes - Initial nothingness - Separation of land and sky - Birth - Role of supreme being - Role of natural elements - Humans and animals – harmony - Tension/conflict - Imperfection - Cycles of creation and destruction More Types of Environmental Worldviews - Atomistic o A highly focused worldview – focused on the self, or certain thing, not
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