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Lecture 4

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Women's Studies
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FEM 1100

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FEM 1100C March 19, 2012
Women and Violence: Microcosm (local/small scale)
The Cycle of Abuse:
Phase 1: Tension builds (tension increases, breakdown of communication, victim
becomes fearful and feels the need to placate the abuser)
Phase 2: the Incident (verbal, emotional, physical abuse – anger, blaming, raging
– arguing, threats and intimidation)
Phase 3: Reconciliation (abuser apologizes gives excuses, blames the victim,
denies the abuse occurred or says it wasn’t as bas as the victim claims)
Phase 4: the Calm (the incident is “forgotten” – no abuse takes place during the
“Honeymoon” phase) leads back to phase 1
1 in 4 women are abused/assaulted by a partner
1 in 3 women beaten daily
Every week 2 women are killed because of an abuser
62% of assaults happen in the home
On average a women is beaten 32 times before reporting the abuse
Women are more likely to report abuse to the police themselves
Women and the Law
Judge: “Rules are like women, made to be violated” – case of being assaulted by
ex, withdrew her charges
Victim didn’t have “permanent scars”, she encouraged the accused because she
hated her mother, he respected her Muslim religion by not having vaginal sex
with her
Refers to prostitute to being part of a different “cast”
Why do serial killers go for women? Russell Williams, Pickton (BC), Paul Bernardo..
More men are domestic violence victims than women – 303,000 men compared to
259,000 were victim. (Men less likely to report)
Men report more serious offenses.
Measuring Violence against Women:
Movie – The Fifth Estate – Legacy of Pain
Montreal Massacre – killed 14 women in University of Montreal
oMarc Lepine - Hate crime, human tragedy
oMade a list of women he also planned to kill
December 6th, 1989 – Maude killed, Mimi, Anne-Marie, Maryse …
Family’s are not happy anymore after this “I cannot be a happy women after this”
He ordered for the class to split up (prof and boys on one side, girls on the other)
and yelled “I hate feminists”
He committed suicide right beside Maryse
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