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Lecture 8

FEM1100 Lecture 8: Regulating Women’s Bodies and Desires

Women's Studies
Course Code
FEM 1100
Mythili Rajiva

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Monday, November 16, 2015
Lecture 9
Regulating Women’s Bodies and Desires
Jessica Yee. “intro to Our schools/our selves”
-Sexual education info for minority youth (i.e. youth of colour or native youth) very hard
to find
-Why is it important? As part of a process of decolonization: taking control of our
-Native people had their own methods of sex ed for youth before colonization
-Sex was seen as sacred, normal but also powerful. Young people would learn from
elders and community members
-Native peoples also have long history of sexual exploitation (ex. Treatment of native
women as “squaws”, “residential school abuses”). This history interferes w/ creation
of positive sexual identities & practices
-Sex is still a taboo subject in larger society
-Important not to let dominant society dictate what is sexually healthy (or not) for
native peoples
-Important for native youth to have “self-determination” on the issue of sex education
Marnina Gonick. “Sugar & spice & something more than nice? Queer girls &
transformations of social exclusion”
-“Are queer girls, girls?”
-Category “girl” = shorthand in media, pop culture, feminist research, education,
sociology, psychology, for white, middle class, straight girls
-Need to queer the category of “girl”, which means more than adding in queer girls’
-Requires asking how girls become girls & how being outside the normative meaning
of girl has serious implications for people
-Sever consequences for those living outside gender/sex categories: high rates of
suicide, depression, low self-esteem, psychological trauma, sexual & physical
-Deborah Britzman “the cognitive dissonance of queer youth”
-Need to re-interpret signs of queerness as pleasurable, interesting and erotic
-How do queer girls do this?
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