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Lecture 10

FEM1100 Lecture 10: Violence Against Women

Women's Studies
Course Code
FEM 1100
Mythili Rajiva

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015
Lecture 10
Violence Against Women
Jane doe. “the ultimate rape victim’
-“I don’t really know how to be a raped woman. I didn’t in 1986 and I don’t today.”
-A raped woman is framed socially & w/in the law as something broken
-Grudging acknowledgement that it’s not her fault BUT…
-Raped women make people feel uncomfortable
-Raped women are fallen women
-She doesn’t like the words “victim” or “survivor”. Call her a woman who has been
raped by a man
-Post-feminist era, we now use gender-neutral language to avoid making men feel
guilty. This leads to the “un-gendering of sexual assault”
-But doing this depoliticizes violence, makes it seem as if violence occurs equally
against men as women, and is done equally by women as it is men
-Statistical Reality is significantly different
-Men benefit in systemic & obvious ways from sexist society
-Canadian stats, 1 in 4 men would rape if given the opportunity. But flip stat, it means
that ¾ men would NOT rape. More good men than bad, but they need to stand up
against VAW
-“our baby boys, whom we love & cherish & who are born to us free from malice or ill-
will, are conditioned to understand human sexuality as singular to their wants &
needs, to translate ‘bitch’ and ‘ho’ as labels of both affection & contempt, to mistrust
‘anything that bleeds for 5 days each month and doesn’t die’, and to appreciate ‘gay’,
‘faggot’ & ‘queer as variations of the greatest, most final insult of all.”
Some myths about men & rape:
1. men are biologically pre-disposed
2. Good men don’t do it. Our men don’t do it.
3. Stranger danger is the real issue
4. Women can prevent rape from following a list of “don’ts”
5. Consent is not always clear
CRIAW: Violence against women & girls
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