FEM 2110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Dead Prez, Masculinity

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February 1, 2016
Black Masculinity
Crystal Belle. “From Jayz To Dead Prez”
“Because HH was birthed in the US, it is a conglomeration of the good, the bad, and the ugly. It
swims through the shores of racism, sexism, double-consciousness [black men in US
experience sense of both being in their communities and in white society and therefore having
foot in both worlds and knowing what each society wants of them and how it sees them],
patriarchy and hegemony, exploiting and rejecting its treasures for survival, as well as
- Example of privilege we are blind to: ability to be hired
4 social institutions manage the domination of black males: military, jails, organized athletics,
the entertainment industry
- ways in which black mens bodies are constructed and controlled
- bodies that are gone off to war and killed (disposable bodies)
-bodies are on display → strength and understanding that these bodies are not
capable of being more than just bodies, they lack intelligence → images and
representations that have been created out of slavery
-only ve black quarterbacks in NFL → requires intelligence, ability to
strategize and organize
Hip Hop = mix of lyrical stimulation, careful metaphors, tales from the “hood”, truth telling about
social, economic injustices in the land of the free
1. the thug (pimp)
2. drug dealer
3. athletes → Bball and Fball
4. rastafarian
5. wild lover/ hypersexual
6. authoritarian parent
7. aggressive/ angry
1. hegemonic → culturally dominant in a given society at a point in time
2. hierarchical
3. multiple
4. actively constructed
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