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Film Studies
Florian Grandena

NEWIMAGESCIN310801132014DIGITAL CINEMA AND THE HISTORY OF FILM How new and different is digital cinema in the articleDoesnt have to be about just about special effects The use of cinema itself has changed Changes the conditions of production Going back to cinema about 100 years they had to paint every slide of film cinema back then was closer to animation now its real footage we use technology To answer this question we need to know what cinema is Cinema was invented in 1985 with the Lumire brothers invented the camera but other historians say that cinema appeared in 19101 when films were long enough Cinema appeared some 15 years after the invention of that new type of camera Films is a story that can be projected The essence of cinema is entertainmentWhat change s does it entail A breakrevolution or a natural evolution of cinema STAGES OF CINEMA BRIEFPrehistory of cinema prehistory of screen tradition1thShadow plays cinema obscura magic lanterns various 19 devicescant hey be consideredcinema They definitely helped define itInventions of cinema21985 an improvement of kinetoscope that way both a camera and projector invented by Lumiere brothers in FranceImages no longer painted successions of photographs that were hand paintedSilent Cinema3The sensations of first films the emergence of the classical narrative the world expansion of style expressionism impressionism surrealismBunch of movementstrends etcThe sensations of first film allows us to come back to esscence of sensations of cinema ie feeling feels like in AvatarGolden Age of Classical Cinema4Arrival of sound postwar cinema eg Italian Neorealism sex and melodramaModern Cinema5European New waves 50s60s new forms American cinema of the 1970sNew Frontiers 1981onwards Global Trends 6Protest in film emergence of politicalsocial cinemaArrival of multiplxeses and Asian mainstreamPolitical filmsDigital Cinema subjective data of when it beganLEV MANOVICH ARTICLE What is not cinemaCinema cannot be described as only telling a story or only recording reality as it is in front of the camera For Manovich Fictional films are live actions films P58 so are documentaries Cinema is the art of the index the index is actually the real world something that the film refers to it is an attempt to mark out of a footprint P60This is problematic to digital cinema because digital cinema is sometimes edited with technology computers He says cinema is another form of animation thThe manual construction of images in digital cinema represents a return to 19 century precinematic practices when images were hand painted and hand animated P593 stages of the articlethth1 A historical trajectory for 19 century techniques for creating moving images to 20 century cinema and animation new devices
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