GEG2109 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Cultural Hegemony, Fleur-De-Lis

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14 Aug 2016
Quebec (follow-up to last lecture)
Franco-Ontarian Flag
Created in Sudbury in 1975
Second symbol for Francophones outside of Québec (after Acadian flag)
So, Where Do We Fit In? (video)
Documentary on St Jean Baptiste day
Two Québécois men play the role of Franco-Ontarians for St Jean Baptiste
in Québec City, with flags during the celebrations
St Jean Baptiste technically isn’t only for Québec Francophones, but all of
Tensions highlighted in the exploration of reactions to the Franco-
Ontarian flag:
oSeparatism vs. Staying in Canada
oFor us or against us, no in between in terms of Ontario and Québec
oCultural hegemony vs. autonomy (struggle to create own identity
and culture)
oLoss of language outside of Québec
oShift from all French Canadians to just Québecers
What did the experiment reveal about the connection between region and
ON and QC faultline is not necessarily the same as the FR and EN faultline
The scale of identity can change (QC or for French Canadians it can be
Region does not define identity
History of the holiday was unknown
What role do symbols play in the formation of regional identity?
Fleur de lys separates or unifies provinces (ancestry)
Recognizable symbols
Unify under a shared history
Symbols can be controversial
Appropriation of symbol can change meaning
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find more resources at
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