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Lecture 1 Thurs Jan 14 2010 Legislation common law criminal law civil law contract law tort law defamation negligenceTwo main sources of lawLegislationspecific rules written by our government at the municipal level these are known as bylawsThe common law judgemade lawsome legal principles are applied that arent found in legislation they are found in past decisions in the court o The two parts of common lawPrinciples made by judgesPast decisions of the court are relevant to cases before the courtEg With similar cases in court with similar evidence judges are likely to make the same decision as last time for consistencyLawyers use this Federationall power is concentrated in one governing body confederation is against this con meaning againstThe World of Law Two of the continents subjects in the world of law are criminal law and civil law Criminal lawlegal process is not initiated by the victim it is initiated by the stateIf the person is found responsible for the crime they are termed guiltythe victim of the crime does not get any direct benefit direct meaning other than satisfaction Civil Lawa civil action being broughtvictim initiates the proceedings prepare documentsand suchuse liable in place of guiltyvictim wants something to be given them in the end benefitwithin civil law o Contract law o Tort law Why can you bring a civil action into each of contract law and tort lawContract Law o Have an agreement between two partiesIf someone breaks the contract the other can bring a civil action o The agreement came out of nowhere it was created by these two parties
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