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Lecture 9

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Law lecture 9Final exam out of 70 marks 225 250 hours 6 questionsst1 ques practise issuesselect the set of questions that are A or B 8 marksex who is a limited license intended for2 tf 2 marks3 definitions 5 define 4 20 marks4lengthy explanations questions 210 marks each5 law hypothetical worth 106 ethical hypothetical worth 10For practise issues there is a sealA seal shows that someone authorized by PEO either did or oversaw the work and is responsible for itWith seal comes signature and dateIt is what you are granted in being allowed doing in engineering like a business licenceTo drive a care you need a licence certificate of authorization COA for engineersIT is necessary when someone wants to offer engineering serveries to the publicSo if youre working full time as an engineer then you do not require a certificate of authorization just means its something that you can be hired out forLarger engineering firms owns the certificate of authorization and people who are authorized to do so are under the certificateYou need a total of 5 years of experience to have a COA if you are fulfill the requirements under the 4 years then you cant get it unless you have 5 yearsUseoftheEngineersSealEachlicenseholderhasasealPEng only full and temporary license holders can be called PEng the definition is in the ACT itselfApplying the seal is not voluntary the ACT says that you SHALL apply your sealhas to be signed and datedWhy have the seal1Showing that a person has experience and the license to provide2Shows responsibility for the workCertificateofAuthorizationIt is like a business license You need it to offer services to do engineering work for the publicOnly PEngs are listed on itBefore being listed on a COA you need 5 years of experience
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