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Lecture 10

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Law lecture 10Office hoursthThursday April 14 230730Room 5000JFirst type of ethical hypothetical1Whistleblowingengineers duty to report when an engineer is considered to contact forBringing attention to something which people dont realize is happeningWhen an engineer discovers a problem which affects others eg pollution causing cancer in the product line what does one do Have an obligation of fidelity to public needsEnsuring that people are aware of the ingredients in what they are using 771ii our duty to the public is a misuse and to ensure that on the other hand working in the business you have an obligation of confidentiality working for your employer 773public maybe negatively affected by engineers work or what they have foundobligation to public welfare is paramount rules over confidentiality consider 722bc or dPlan of actionmust have meaningful communication with employer andor client to fully articulate what is going on showing fairness to employer andor client 771iif there is an illegal action mention that you will contact the respective authorities as part of your action planpersonal misconductif you know something bad is happening to the public and you do not act you must act to stop the problem If you are not youre doing personal misconduct 722bcdthe first thing youll want to do is have meaning full communications with your employer for your concerns Shows faithfulness and loyalty according to that section f act and willing to take all the steps necessary you have met all of your obligations and confidentiality without having to say something elsewhereYou can point out that if there is a standoff and your employer wont do those things you have the obligation to let the body at PEO since they have experience in dealing with these thingsUsing the PEOs assistanceexperienceIf illegal things final thing to add is to let the authorities knowThis type of problem is significant to the public if you have to do it2Conflict of Interestwhen we have a problem dealing with it state it out rightThis problem deals with conflict of interest and then provide a brief def this is when someone has an interest directly or indirectly or obligation that could influence their decisionThen indicate what is the conflict in this problemif there is a conflict of interest between you and primary employer you must disclose 773 code of ethics in definition of
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