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L10Q - Economic resources

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David Schneider

GEO1111 : Lecture 10 – Economic Resources 1. What are the three main (largest) metallic commodities produced by Canadian mines? 2. What is the common aspect of the 5 ways in which ore minerals are precipitated? 3. What is an alloy? 4. Of the different rock types, which one(s) is(are) associated with metallic mineral deposits? 5. What are the three essential requirements to making an ore deposit? 6. What are the potential sources for the origin of water in the oceans? 7. Laterite deposits concentrate certain elements (such as Al) by: a) dissolving them near the surface and reprecipitating them at the water table b) gravitational settling of heavier elements in magmatic bodies c) mechanically separating the aluminum from other elements in streams d) leaching out other elements through deep weathering of the parent rock e) hydrothermally transporting and reprecipitating them in a new area 8. Porphyry deposits are associated with what setting? a) the root zones of volcanoes b) sinuous mountain streams c) rifting margins in the seabed d) Archean sedimentary basins e) diatreme pipes through the mantle 9. How are placer deposits of heavy metals formed? a) heavy metals sink to the base of igneous intrusions and are concentrated b) heavy metals are transported by hydrothermal fluids and precipitated c) heavy metals are mechanically transported and concentrat
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