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L12Q - Weathering, Erosion, Sudden Mass Movement

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David Schneider

Lecture 12 Questions 1. The most important stress opposing a slope’s shear stress is imparted by: A. Running Water B. Earthquakes C. Frost Wedging D. Gravity E. Uplift 2. Water can encourage mass flow by: A. Reducing friction between grains B. Undercutting a steep slope C. Weathering bedrock to clay minerals D. Promoting mechanical weathering E. All of the above 3. Which of the following does not promote mass movement: A. Steep slopes B. Deforestation C. Intense precipitation D. Climate change into more tropical conditions E. Climate change into colder conditions 4. What type of weathering is prevalent in halite and carbonate environments: A. Hydrolysis B. Oxidation C. Dissolution Lecture 12 Questions D. Unloading E. All of the above 5. Surface tension is greatest when______. A. Sand is dry B. Sand is moist, but not saturated with water C. Sand is saturated with water D. Sand is over saturated with water E. Surface tension is the same in all scenarios 6. What geologic processes created the Niagara Falls? Differential weathering – uneven weathering of rock due to different mineral composition. The top rock formation
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