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David Schneider

thJanuary 12 2010Earth MaterialsRock is an aggregate of 1 or more mineralsMineral is a natural inorganic solidNote 1015 mineral types 3 rock typesIgneous originally molten material crystallized magma from volcanoesSedimentary originally weathered and broken preexisting rock that is compacted and cemented togetherMetamorphic any preexisting rock that has undergone T P or structural changesRock CycleMagma molten materialBreak the rock down to form anotherMelt meta or sedi they become molten and cycle starts overPlate TectonicsCenturies of observations have concluded that the Earths makeup is not randomPattern recognition earthquakes occur where mountains risevolcanoes explodePlate Tectonic CycleEarth is made up of a series of platesNot random has to do with inertia and momentum of the big bang structured predictableWhy earthquakes happen1Outer portion of the Earth is composed of rigid layers called plates brittle breaking when moving2The plates moveslowly3Most largescale geologic activity occurs at plate boundaries4Interior of plates are relatively geologically quiterate of movement rate at which fingernail grow cmyr7 Main Platesplate is the outer shell of the earth
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