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David Schneider

January 10th 2010The Solar Systemthe Origin of EarthSOLAR SYSTEMconsists of our star sun planets thier satelites and asteroidslovated on the arm of a very large spiral galaxy Milky wayNebular Theory Formation of the Solar SystemSun and planets formed from a rotating cloud of intersellar gases and dust solar nebulaDust contracted because of gravity most of the material collected in the center and formed the protosunRemaining materials formed a thick flattened rotating disk within which matter gradually cooled and condensed into clumps of icy rockRepeated collisions made most of the material collect into asteroid sized planetesimalsGeocentric Perspectiveproposed by Aristotle 384322 BCE thought the Earth was the centergeocentric universe deeply entrenched in church doctrinewas challenged by Aristarchus 312230BCEosimple spheres containing the planets and the sun revolving around Easrth did not explain the retrograde motion of the planetsretrograde motion going againstopposite its general directoryPtolemy 150CEproposed that planets also follow a smaller circular orbitepicycles predictable periods of retrograde motionCopernicus 14731543suggested that because Mars has the larger retrograde motion it is the closet to Earth ehilr Saturn has the smallest and is furthest from the sunproposed that the Earth spihns on its axis leading to sunrise and sunsetNote tilt of the Earth causes winter closer to the sun but opur axis is tilted in such a way that the nothern hemisphere is tilted away form the sunnot a geocentric viewpointKepler 15711630law of elipses orbit of each planet is analipse with sun at one focuslaw of orbital harmony relationship between planet distance form the sun and its speed
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