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Melissa Brasgold

Lecture12retirementcontinuationSocialclassandretirementGood income and middleupper occupations more satisfiedPreretirement expectations influence ones experience of retirement People with good incomes are more satisfied with their retirement because they can do more more leasure activities Less funds aviable people with poor pensions might be unable to retire Pre retirement influence how an individual experiences retirement If you think retirement is crap then you will experience it crappySample of 200 man found that people that were satisfied with their activities were highly satisfied with they retirement social life jobsEffectsonindividualssocialrolesDoes the loss of work role cause changes in mental and physical health Do age related loses in functioning precede retirement or is there no relationship between changes in work patterns and health later in lifeThree theoretical prespectives od the effts of retirement on the individuals1Role theory 2 Continuity theory 3 Life course perspectiveRole The individuals roles or normative expectations for behaviour provide major theorysource of fulfillment because they integrate the individual with society The more roles you fillthe higher physical and psychological well being The work role is the most important because it defines an individual daily activities s
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