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Lecture11retirementRetirement principle the idea of a person leaving job at a certain age regardless of healthRetirement actual withdrawal from labour force in later lifeCriteria of retirement 1must be collecting government benefitspension 2not attending a jobworking and 3 must consider yourself retired Retirement made our society aged Rather than a discrete most people experience retirement as a gradual process of stagesIt is a gradual process of 5 stages1Anticipatory period planning can last for decates2Decision to retire dont have mandatory in Canada3Act of retiring different between intention and actually retireing4Postact Adjustment when you put plans together5Decisions about the futuretravelling volunteeringDifferentformsofretiring1Never retiring never being employed or being fired2Retiring on time3Retiring early health issues or taking care of a loved one4Flexible retiring change hours5Retiring parttime bridge employmentThere are variations in these 5 phases Some people showed a crisp pattern of leaving the workplace in a single clear cut exit Some experience a blurred exit in which they exited and reentered the work place Also some people retired from a long term job to accept bridge employment involved in financial needsuch as an insurance agent who retires but then works as a server at a fast food restaurant Other people never retired or where unemployed People in private sector jobs do not experience the bridge employment because they have enough moneyRetirementanewpositivewaythRetirement is a 20 century phenomenonCompulsory retirement instituted in 20s and 30s in USSocial security act passed in 1935Old age pension act passed in 1927 in CanadaGovernment approvedBefore people did not retire The jobs held by older workers often held high status and prestige Their wisdom and experience were valued and it was considered a benefit to society to have
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