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Melissa Brasgold

Lecture10AginginCanadapartIVApocalipticDemographyWhat is apocalyptic demographyIs the use of demographic facts such as the aging of the population to project the high cost of an aging population to predict that population aging will lead to economic crisisResearches claim there will be huge increases in government expenditures inEducationHealth careSocial securityReality of apocalyptic demography Uncertainty about future These projections are assumptions about levels of mortality fertility and net migration We dont know how each of those are going to change In epidemic OA and babies are more affectedMedia uses demographic graphs that shoes how the increase in OA population will increase chaos in the system in terms of there will be more people depending in the younger generation Media also suggest that the young will rebel or resent the burden of a large older population This fear has little basis in the demographic factit is ONLY true IF we dont prepare They call this extreme view apocalyptic demographyand it distorts the likely effects of population aging Our society is youth oriented we care about acute care and this puts pressure in OAWillelderlyreallystrainsocietyBELIEF Older are sicker and frailer than youngincrease inof older people will place strain on health care systemWhat is the actualityThe truth is that if we deal with it properly we dont see a big different it is how we set up the system OA is not really a burden it is just our system is set upWhyarehealthcarecostsincreasingthenRise in pharmaceutical costs not funded that much by the governmentNew technologyOversupply of physiciansdoctors are paid to see certain number of patients
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