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Melissa Brasgold

Lecture2PsychologicaldevelopmentinlateadulthoodpartIIntro Psychological models attempt to explain the development of the person in the personenvironment equation from the standpoint of how adaptive abilities unfold over the course of life It is taken as a given that the body undergoes significant changes but of interest within the psychological approaches are the changes that occur in the individuals self understanding ability to adjust to lifes challenges and perspective of the worldWHAT IS PSYCHOLOGICAL AGINGPsychosocial Ones psychological development and the interaction within a social environmentUnique internal process that occur within an individualThe study of adult development and aging incorporates the years past childhood and adolescence into a unified view of the life span Before developmental psychology focused only on child development but now the emphasis changes as the individual grows since is impossible to designate a point in life where people stop developing Understanding development as continuous from childhood through old age is reflected in the life span perspectiveCLASSICAL PSYCHOLOGY Classical developmental psychology evolved around the notion that growth in childhood occurred primarily as a result of nature Basically genes were the only thing influencing developmentThe role of environment mostly parents was to simply understand these sequence of changes and to provide an environment with the right growing conditionslike a plant with water and sunONTOGENIC MODELSWhat does Ontogenic meansStates that internal developmental courses are most likely biological in nature Biological forces are typically responsible for changes in adulthood What is an ontogenic model Is a classical developmental model that consists of 3 stages
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