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Melissa Brasgold

Lecture89AginginCanadapartIIandIIISOCIOECONOMICSTATUSSESWhat is SESit is a persons level of education and occupation Someone with a higher education has a higher SES Not based on economic status some prestige jobs have a low SES example teacherLike race it is strongly associated with health in adulthood ie African American and low SESSES effects morbidity and mortalityPossibility of economic growth small in later lifeHealth care housing and transportation costs increase in later lifeNew services necessary in later lifeIt was thought that expenses go down after you retired but they actually INCREASE Ex college funds cleaning etcSESANDBEINGATWEENERPoverty line adjusted according to a mythWhat are Tweeners OA adults that fall slightly above the poverty line and arent elegible for the help they requireOA equate their needs into younger adults If OA reach poverty line have more expenses more needs than younger adults SESandlongevitySES affects longevity because of its links with1 educationwith higher education people have less illnesses because you are more informed There is a study that people with higher education tend to predict how long they will live so they change things about their life styles2health behaviours Monetary rates from heart disease highers among lowest income families Older European American males OEAM with highest incomes live 31 years longer than lower income OEAM Having better SES increases the likelihood for doing exercise eating well and less smoking3Acces to health care
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