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Lecture 3

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Melissa Brasgold

Lecture3PsychologicaldevelopmentinlateadulthoodpartII Sociogenic models are more modern models Ontogenic models were criticised since there were too focused on biology and it became evident that there are other facts that influence the course of development in early life Now we take into account nurturingSociogenic models take socio factors into account which have impacts in how you change Gender socio aspects SCS historical contexts all these things affect a persons development A persons life course can be explained more specically by the time they attain certain roles When do you become a mother A student all these things they are considered social roles Transitions follow a social role what is considered normal Example in this generation is normal to have kids at the age of 30 before it was normal at the age of 16a social norm a normal transition However if you dont follow the social normoff time for example having a baby at the age of 12at this year people will judge you It is more difficult to go off time than to follow the social normSOCIOGENIC MODELS NEUGARTEN AND DATANWhat is itA flexible model TransitionsSociogenic models are flexible models in the respect that take into consideration other factors in how you develop which are called transitions Socio models take into account elements that can change that are more fluid not step by stepLead to other key theories covered later in the courseWhat is the main point behind Sociogenic theories Transitions are shaped by society are the key not internal psychological processesCURRENT THEORIESMiddle ground approach Integrates effects of biological psyschological and sociohistorial influences on adult development People are impacted by everything
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